Smash Fiesta

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Smash Fiesta

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPAD  Smash

Cost: US$0.99

  3 stars

Smash Fiesta is a simple see and hit game.  The game set is simple, whatever popup from the hole, just hit it.

The game is formerly known as Guacamole!  The game is about a factory worker, Rodriguez , who is hungry after a busy day.  Your job is to make his favourite guacamole so he can eat his nachos!


The game’s controls is straight forward.  Just whack the ingredients to make the delicious goo: Pedro Avocado, Garlic Garcia and don't forget the cream.  There are different points for different ingredients such as Sour Cream is 4 points and Garlic Garcia is 2 points.


Watch out for the bad ingredients such as Sick Pedro, El Muerto and Poo Poo Santiago, you don't want them in your perfect dip!  If you hit a pile of steaming poo or a death's head you lose life.

When the guacamole is done you need to feed Rodriguez with nachos as fast as you can.


Smash Fiesta is a cute "whack a mole" game.  Different is that you are whacking guacamole ingredients to make dip.   The game starts off slow and works up to a blistering pace.  Smash Fiesta has cute graphics and simple interface.

Instead of just a routine whack and hit, Smash Fiesta has 2 different game play in 1.   The first is the “whack a mole” style and the second is the “jumping into mouth” game.

For younger children, this game will entertain them but not suitable for more sophisticated players.  Nevertheless, this game could provide a simple fun while you have nothing better to do.

Look at the video below to find out more about the game play before you decide to purchase.


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