Pirate Nation

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Pirate Nation – FREE

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPAD  Pirate


  3 stars

Pirate Nation is a FREE and easy to play simple game.  You are the pirates from Easter Isle and you have to have a few days to crashed into Pirate Nation and pillage their ships full of rare and sacred treasures!


There are quests that will rewards you handsomely.  Are you ready to take on the Great Sea Pirates, that sail the seas on Pirate Ships, with Booty and Dabloons galore?



Blast them ships with your trusty Cannon, to Davey-Jones-Locker and beyond!


And loot rare treasure from the bottom of the sea!
Your Mateys and your trusty crew will keep them from doing the same to you.

Build and rebuild your mighty pirate ship till you rule the seven seas!
There are tons of Pirate Booty: Gold, Diamond, and Flaming Cannons!
There are also Energy Replenishing Booze and over 100,000 ways to Customize your Ship.



High Noon is a quite a fun game to play with 7 Seas to Sail and Plunder and it has enhanced Deck-scrubbing Technology.   There are dozens of Quests to spend your time one.   There are sharks,piranhas and Jellyfish to look out for!  You will love the gorgeous graphics, intuitive controls, epic music and the instantly addictive quality of this game.

Since this game is FREE, why dun try it now?!


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