The War of Eustrath

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The War of Eustrath

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad The
Cost: US$5.99

Enjoy battles and tales of knights with mysterious power in the world of Eustrath.   You control various units -called GEARs- and characters with unique abilities in semi-real time battles. The results of battles and choices YOU make in the story affect the story and even the ending of this game.


The stage of this game is the world called 'Eustrath'. Even though it has advanced technologies it differs from Earth by the existence of Elementals. Like magic in a typical fantasy world, the power of Elementals is accepted and utilized in everyday life. One of them are fighting machines called 'Elemental GEARs'. And there are also fighting machines called 'Mechanical GEARs' whose power comes from the pure mechanical energy not elemental energy. These GEARs ,both Elemental and Mechanical, are natural element of Eustrath. People accept them as part of their life and mainly utilize them for warfares.

Throughout the history of Eustrath, there were three great wars recorded. This game is an attempt to revive one of those wars. The heroine of the game is a country girl 'Tiana', You can control her and her companions to build the history of Eustrath.



The game play is ok but a bit of repetitive. The enemies does get stronger and there are a few things you need to obtain to win. 
The UI is very intuitive but it gets tricky to play on the small iPhone screen but it is fantastic on the iPad.




The character and animations are nice, graphic is not the best and the music can be better.  The language and dialogue is poor but there are a few jokes here and there.

The RPG part of the game is very in-depth; leveling-up and later enhancing/equipping your GEARs become very addictive as you progress through. The difficulty tended to be on the easier side (with some missions harder than most), but it certainly shouldn't be too easy (or maybe even too hard) for the average gamer.

Features of the game:

    Multiple storyline with several endings, consisting of 50+ stages in total.

    More than 20 unique characters and over 40 units.

    Special abilities make battles more fun to play.

    Upgrade GEARs using various items.

    Intuitive User Interface.

    Many awesome illustrations in game.Features


Overall, I think it is NOT worth the money comparing this with other offers there is in the apps store which offer much more fun and value for money.  For those who love Japanese kind of RPG, this may still worth to try.

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