Paper Ninja

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Paper Ninja

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Paper
Cost: US$0.99
 3 stars


For the start, it is a new concept of gameplay, not the normal kind of Ninja fighting that we have played.  This game has a unique way of dispatching the ninjas that approach you as a harmless paper ball then, bam, it becomes a fighter and a killer!  


It has some good music, first person swipe and slashing action and cute ninja animation.   The control is very simple and the good thing of this game is that it has tons of replayablility, but needs more ninjas and power-ups.

The gameplay is just swipe and slash as many attacking ninjas. However, in order to master the game, players need to practice the skill of cutting the Paper Ninjas with a balance of speed and control to gain "Combo" and "Critical Hit".  They can block your attacks with their weapons!  If they blocked your attack, there is a small delay before you can attack again.




What's New In Version 1.2.0

There are now nicer location for the scenery and gave the Paper Ninjas some wardrobe allowance to buy nicer clothes and weapons too.

  • A New Challenge!!!
  • Major overhaul of the graphics!!!
  • New disarm skill!!
  • Watch the Paper Ninja Story!
  • Improvement of User Interface.
  • Mission is moved to Challenge.


Overall, this is a nice new concept of Ninja fighting with paper unfolding action.  Provide good entertainment while waiting in the line.   However, it lacks the sophication of a good gameplay but this definitely can keep many younger kids occupied for hours.

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