Hell’s Kitchen VS

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Hell’s Kitchen VS

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Hell's
Cost: US$2.99
3 stars 
It is the similar genre as the “Cooking Mama” and it all about cooking.
Hell’s Kitchen Vs. is based on the U.S. TV series where world renowned Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through rigorous tests.  This game allows you to become one of those aspiring chefs.  It recreates the show’s pressure-cooker atmosphere as two teams of players (Red VS Blue) are put through culinary challenges- as Gordon Ramsay scores and comments on performances.


The objectives of the game is simple.  It wants you race to prepare different colored pots of food before sticking them on the hob to heat and eventually serve. 

The controls are easy: just tap one of the six sets of ingredient to begin preparing it, then drag the dish over to the hob to begin cooking it. Once the timer on the hob has finished you can tap the saucepan again to plate up.  You will be rated according to how many stars you scored for that dish, up to a maximum of four.


For this game, you need to take pressures and  being able to multitask and keep an eye on all your dishes to ensure they finish cooking at the same time.  The game gets harder and the pressure increase as the recipes get more complicated.image

There are two new game modes: Wireless Multiplayer Versus (via Bluetooth) and Single Player Arcade Mode.   You can compete with friends and even sabotage your opponents by crossing over to their side of the kitchen to steal their ingredients.
The gameplay is extremely basic.  If you like to play multitasked games and have the patience not to hit your iPhone with hammer without passing all those tedious tasks levels, this game will be for you.
Battle head to head in an arcade  style kitchen challenge!


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