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Solomon’s Keep – Updates
Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Solomon's
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If you have played Solomon’s Keep before, this update comes in handy as it fixes many of the stability issues and has some new features that will be in 3.0.  This update contains changes to the save game format to increase stability, and will destroy your existing save game! If you are currently playing a game, and are experiencing no serious problems, please finish your game before downloading this update!

Here's what you're getting:
o Due to user confusion, the Annalist will not appear in-game until you've defeated Solomon at least one time.
o Fixed a bug that could cause hit points to fall to minimum level if you equipped a "bonus to all skills" item.
o Fixed a few graphical glitches
o Fixed a glitch that caused framerate to drop when fighting demons and zombies on Wizard difficulty
o Hit Area of in-game buttons has been increased, and hit area of the thumbsticks has been decreased.
o A glitch with the experience bar and trading gold for experience has been fixed.
o An exploit that allowed players to get infinite level ups has been removed
o To improve game balance, buying knowledge is now more expensive at higher difficulties.
o Due to some apparent glitches in the Facebook library code, Facebook will no longer automatically resume your last session when you start the program. You will now have to touch the facebook icon, and select "resume."


o Fixed a problem where the magic door caused players to become embedded in walls or blank areas of the dungeon
o Meditation skill has been adjusted to invoke faster after player goes idle.
o Three save slots are now available
o Players can now play in Hardcore mode for added challenge.
o By popular demand, going back to town will no longer heal you completely. But you will recover life and mana MUCH faster while in town.
o Solomon has a new minion: Shadow Demons!
o Improved the look of Flame Lash because of the guy on Toucharcade forums who complained about it. Thanks for adding to my workload, buddy! Now the effect properly conveys the atomic bomb ridin' tyrannosaurus-killin' great white shark wrestlin' awesomeness of flame lash.
o Three new feats have been added for hardcore mode
o ...and a few other surprises await you!



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