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iProRecorder - Cheap and Good Recorder

Compatible: iPhone and iPod Touch
Price :US$0.99


iProRecorder does what it states to do best.  It is a simple yet professional application that record audio with flexibility and lots of functionality.    There are quite a few recording applications in the market but I like the unique features and flexibility that iProRecorder can provide.  For its price of less than a dollar, it is a bargain.
As you can see, there is a long list of features that other competitors could easily compete with.

About This Application

iProRecorder is perfect for recording in any needed situation such as to lectures, business meetings,  legal briefings, field interviews, voice memos, dictation, sermons, ambient sounds, music, and any other needs you can think of.   

It transform your iPhone into an easy to use, full-fledged mobile audio recorder.   It offers a lot of professional features without compromising ease of use.   With its one-touch simple feature, recording and playback is so simple and powerful.  

You are able to choose from three levels of varying quality in order to make best use of the storage space on your iPhone. Features include one-touch recording, pause and resume and an intuitive user interface that shows off all the essential information including playback meters, a volume slider and volume boost.

Key Features

  • Only recorder for iPhone/iPod touch with professional shuttle/log wheel and audio scrubbing and a location slider.  This feature provide rewind, fast forward and locate with far greater precision.
  • Access any location within a thousandth of a second
  • One-Touch Simple: for easy record, pause and append
  • Support highest audio fidelity.  You can record uncompressed .WAV files at CD, radio or dictation quality
  • Volumne boost make even low leve recording audible
  • Recording timer enable to set recording time
  • Recording count off which enable 3 second countdown before recording - Cool feature
  • Rotate user interface when iPhone mic aimed at source
  • Attractive and accurate level meters
  • Variable speed/pitch control
  • Easily rename, search, categorize, add photos and location informaiton (support geo tagging)
  • Records even with in sleep mode
  • Automatically pause when receiving phone call
  • Email recording via phone network
  • Download files to PCs and Macs via WiFi Sync with most web browser without additional software required
  • Support stereo recording with compatible stereo peripherals
  • Support iPhone compatible mono headset and built in mic

iProRecorder is the only iPhone/iPod touch recorder that is developed and supported by a professional audio software company with over a decade of experience.  They know the audio recording business and users' needs really well.   For so many features and so low a price, this is an application that should be downloaded for future recording purposes.

To download iProRecorder directly, click the button below:
iProRecorder? ?  Pro Recorder for Voice & Music from BIAS

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lazyking Says :
May 10, 2009 at 4:28 PM

I have an ipod touch but I never heard of these app, thanks a bunch for sharing

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