Airport Mainia - First Flight

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Airport Mania - First Flight

Compatible: iPhone and iPod Touch
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A really addicting game that I could play for many hours, super addicting!   The game design is very good with super graphics and cute voices.   It is a simple game but yet lots of fun.  The need to juggle a bunch of aircraft  is both innovative and "stressfully" fun!

About This Application

Have you even imagine having the stress of having to schedule the flight paths of hundreds of airplanes so that they would not crash into each other or run out of fuel or get behind schedule?  Would you love to try out your judgment and reflex to juggle and coordinate the different activities in different airports?

In this time-management game, you could travel and challenge your skills at 8 amusing airports while you land a variety of plane, purchase upgrades and avoiding delays.  The fast pacing game needs you to stay on your toes to handle planes and cargo that need urgent landing and direct some to the repair shop that need repairs.

The things to do could be really challenging:  As a plane circles the airport, you need to get it land by clicking on a free runway. Then you need to taxi the plan to a gate to unload passengers and pick up new passengers. Then you may need to direct a plane to appropriate garage area for refuel or repairs.  When you finished doing all that, you need to click on another free runway for the plane to take off and collect your cash.   You can also direct a plane into a layover place to wait for free runway.

Imagine you have to do the above tasks for so many planes, things could get really hectic.  In later stage, you could earn the ability to paint planes a different color to get bonus multiplier.   You can also pull off combo landings and take-offs by doing them in rapid succession on the same runway.

In between levels, you can buy different kind of upgrades such as improved gates, new runways and layover spaces.  You could also have the ability to play in-flight movies to make all circling planes happier and serve food to please all grounded aircraft.  There are many other upgrades available too such as radar and powerful fan.

This is one hectic game to play but pleasurably stressful one too.  

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Airport Mania: First Flight