Pocket God

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Pocket God - Try out as a God

Compatible: iPhone and iPod Touch
Price : US$0.99

Do you want to play god? What kind of god would you like to be? A Benevolent one or a Vengeful one?

If you do not know and want to find out, you may find the answer in this game. You will allow to play the all-powerful god that rules over the primitive islanders on a remote island. You are so powerful that you can take bring new life and even take away just as quickly. Experience the power of altering the gravity, lightning, lifting people up in the air and other endless possibilities as a god.

There are many episode (currently 11 and more are coming) to play with which you could explore and show your friends and have lots of fun with it. Imagine you could show your friend your power to:

  • Create a new life
  • Change from Day to Night by pushing the sun behind the moon
  • Propel the islanders into the distance just by running your finger across the islander from below.
  • Lift the islanders into the air by moving them upward.
  • Generate earthquake by just shaking yor iphone up and down.
  • Tilting your iphone or ipod touch to change the grativational forces
  • Change the weather by touching the sky
  • Generate lightnings tby dragging the cloud
  • Generating hurricane by swirling your finger in the sky
  • Call the vampire bat!
  • And many more….

There are so many possible future additions to the game such as:
  • Creating Tsunami
  • Creating hungry sea creatures and islands
  • Different types of islanders
  • Islander tasks

To play Pocket God, click on the button below:
Pocket God