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iTranslate Ultimate - Your Secret Language Tutor

Compatible: iPhone and iPod Touch
Price : US$1.99

Have you ever wanted to have a private language tutor to secretly brush up your foreign language?  Now you can have one virtual tutor who can translate between 5 different languages and read them back to you! 

The iTranslate Ultimate is able to translate sentenses and has the text-to-speech capability to the iPhone which makes it a greet tool to have to:
  • Study another language in a fun and interactive way
  • A handy translator when you need them during vacation in foreign land
  • Able to communicate with some friends and colleagues from foreign land
  • Able to experss your emergency matters, e.g where is the toilet?

Currently, the support languages are:
  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Germany
  • Italian
  • Spanish
However, they will include new languages in the future and added for free.

The next time you are meeting a foreign friend, show off your language power and they will be amazed at how fast and how good you are picking up a new language.

To download a the iTranslate Ultimate, click on the following button:
iTranslate - Ultimate

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March 30, 2009 at 10:12 AM

i like your this ipodblog..
where did you got the script dude??
can you tell me..
Thanks for helping

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