iPet Dogs

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iPet Dogs - Get Your Free Dog

Compatible: iPhone and iPod Touch
Price : FREE

Do you want to own a dog and was being opposed by someone else or do not have the space to keep them?  Now you can, at least a virtual one.  How about also play with other person's dog?

You could now adopt your very own dog.  You can:
  • Feed, pet and play with yourdog
  • Allow others to handle your dog
  • Watch your dog changes mood
  • Keep your dog alive
  • Take care of your friends'dogs
  • Visit the Pet World to see dogs all around the world
  • Play games with dogs
  • and more...

In this updated version, you get 6 new food images and new background image.  Gifts and goodies are also available so that you could give it to your dog or someone else.

Download this Free iPet dog directly by clicking the button below:
iPet Dogs