Best Friend For Your Phone

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iTunes A MUST

If you have a iPhone or iPod,  it is a MUST to have iTunes, the best friend for your iPhone or iPod.  iTunes is a free and can be installed on Mac and PC.

Why is it the Best Friend?
  • You can easily syncs content to your iPhone or iPod
  • It plays all your digital music and video before you upload to your iPhone or iPod
  • You can download iPhone or iPod applications from this superstore that stays open 24/7
  • You can download music and video from this superstore that stays open 24/7
  • Many applications are free!
Download iTunes now! It is Free for PC + Mac.

Easy Sync with your iPhone or iPod

iTunes has very smooth and tight integration.with iPhone and iPod, very much plug-and-play.   iTunes makes it so easy to transfer media and more from your computer (PC or Mac) to your iPod or iPhone and vice-versa. You can do more with iTunes such as get at-a-glance capacity information on your iPod or iPhone.  You can update your iPhone or iPod software from iTunes and easily control what you want to sync with few clicks on the iTunes.

It plays all your digital music and video before you upload to your iPhone or iPod

You can use iPod to view your library by artist, album, episode, year, rating any way you want. Find what you're looking for with a quick search that reveals results as you type.  You can view or listen to those selected first before importing to your iPod or iPhone easily.

Download iPhone or iPod applications with iTunes 24/7

You can download applications anytime of the day and purchase any applications that mostly very cheap with at the superstore which is open 24/7.

You can download music and video from this superstore that stays open 24/7

One of the convenient way to listen to the newest songs is to buy direct off the net via the superstore that is open 24/7 using the iTunes.   It is easy to understand why the iTunes Store is the world's #1 online music store. They have more than 8 million songs at only 99¢ each.  You can get customized recommendations from the Genius sidebar. Shop iTunes Exclusives for music you won't find anywhere else. You can also share your favorite playlists by creating an iMix.with your friends.  You can also rent or buy blockbuster movies, get HD episodes of your favorite TV shows and subscribe to free podcasts, and shop for audiobooks.

Most Applications are Free

Best of all, plenty of plug ins and complimentary apps for iTunes.  You can easily download, organize  applications that are free to use and the list of free applications are growing so rapidly.

Download iTunes now!