All-in YOGA: 200 Poses & Yoga Classes

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Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPAD  All-in

Cost: US$1.99

5 Stars

All-in Yoga is your personal trainer for those who seek perfection of body and mind.   It has useful guides, photos, videos which are group according to different level and type which you can easily choose from.


You can Choose either from ready-made programs suitable both for novices and skilled yogis, or let the app generate a special program according to your parameters, goals and time limits – quickly and efficiently. Browse your trainings in the calendar that offers a quote for some fresh inspiration every day.


It has very rich content consisting of 200 asanas including the most popular and those recommended by professional yoga practitioners. There are detailed text and voice instructions for each asana plus photo and video.  You can search asanas by name and the asana database will be regularly updated!

There are also  2 modes of program selection for every level:
- Personal Yoga Teacher mode: we will choose a personal program for you! A unique algorithm licensed by Viaden Mobile will choose a ready-made program according to your parameters (weight, height), goals and time limits (how long you would like to work out)
- Quick Recipes mode: select a program yourself! Browse through the list of programs created by professional yogis and choose the one you like.


You can also design your own personal ideal yoga program quickly and easily: choose from the list of asanas grouped according to the level, type or arranged alphabetically.   Then you can set the duration of each asana and change the order of asanas, delete asanas from the program or add new ones.

The voiceover guidance is accompanied by photos and a countdown of the time you remain in each asana.   You can watch videos of a professional female yogi doing asanas and listen to music as you do yoga.

The Calendar feature allows you to browse through the past trainings to track your activity and find an encouraging quote from famous yoga practitioners in the Calendar.


All-in Yoga is easy to use and a perfect way to learn yoga at your own pace and the convenience of your time and place.  The training mode is highly enjoyable and relaxing: voice instructions and special tunes will make you fly through your session!

If you need a personal trainer for yoga, this apps will make a good one. Totally awesome as it comes with videos and step by step direction and the muscle chart are impressive and the keys to your success.

Look at the video below to find out more about All-in Yoga before you decide to purchase.


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