Mini JewelSmash

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Mini JewelSmash! – FREE

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPAD  Mini


2 stars
Mini JewelSmash is another Brick Breaking game.   At first look, it is well designed, easy to control and graphics are good.  However, it does have some irritating aspects that I have just decided to give only 2-stars to this game which otherwise would be 4-stars.


The game objective is nothing new:  Just hit as many blocks as possible and smashing them to bits. You can blast your way through 30 unique levels in 2 great game modes.

One fun thing you could do with this game is to use any photo on your iPhone/iPod Touch as a background for the game!  It has 12 Power Ups and Score Attack mode.


The game is a simple and would be great game to enjoy. However the constant pop ups to join the website makes the game extremely annoying. 

There are definitely other brick breaking games that is more worth to spend time playing.

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