Naruto Theme for iPhone

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Naruto Theme for iPhone

Compatible: iPhone Naruto

Cost: US$1.99
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Since some of you have expressed that you also want that cool Naruto theme on your iPhone, so here it is.   All Naruto Fans will love this Theme which is so wonderfully drawn.  I love it very much as well.


So far this is the best wallpaper of Naruto for iPad.  It comes along with some cool features such as:

starAll photos support 4X zoom!

starAll photos are ready for you to view, no internet connection needed.

starSave your favorite photo to the iPad photo album.

See below for some of the nice wallpapers for your iPAD.






If you are a Naruto Fans, this will be a MUST HAVE to spice up your iPhone background with this cool theme.   See all the wallpaper above, it is so cool!

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Naruto Theme for iPhone – YanYang