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Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPAD  Hoggy


4 stars
Hoggy is an addictive and fun puzzle platform that combines the best elements of classic side-scrolling video games with a unique puzzle flavor! 


The game has simple controls. Tip your iPhone to move Hoggy left or right, and touch the screen to reverse his gravity.

Use your reflexes to grab all the fruit in each level, and use your mind to force your enemies to grab the fruit you can't reach!


For those who get the glitch on the boss level, there is no need to always ride the bricks under the boss. Just follow him through.
To hit the red block and get back to the boss, look up. Ride the boss to the first platform, drop off, then jump to the ceiling and go hit the button. The boss is slower than you and this will give you time to get back to him after breaking the blocks and hitting the button.

 Just note that sometimes it can get annoying, because some levels are very hard.


Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by the moon men, and the only way to get her back is to eat all the fruit out of 45 crazy jar-worlds!


The game is a great retro-arcade experience! If you love side scrollers and arcade action, you'll love Hoggy!  The graphics are cute and lovely. Overall, it is totally addictive and well crafted.

Grab this game before it became chargeable again!

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