Cooking Dash

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Cooking Dash

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Cooking
Cost: US$2.99

Following my recommendation of “Wedding Dash”, this is another Time management game and it is also from the same company that produce the famous and fun game of Dinner Dash.Could you play under pressure and get pleasure from pressure?  If yes, this multi-task game will be perfect for you!  The gameplay is similar to other multitask strategy game like the popular “Dinner Dash”, “Fish Frenzy” and “Sally’s Salon”.   If you have played any of these games, you will definitely get a hang of this. 

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The objective of the game is to help Flo and Grandma keep five DinerTown restaurants up and running... if you can stand the heat!

The gameplay is fun: it involves more of the cooking process so rather than just assembling something and delivering it, time management and strategy is more crucial. Cooking a steak, for example, requires selecting the meat, putting it into the oven, and allowing it to cook before serving which takes a few seconds. In addition, you also need to take it out of the oven quickly after it’s done cooking because leaving it in the oven too long will burn and ruin it. Once ruined, not only does Flo have to begin again, it also impacts the daily revenue since ruined food counts a monetary loss.


The game follows the storyline which is presented in a comic book format and has 50 levels presented through 5 different restaurants each with different cooking appliances and menus.

Each level requires meeting a minimum scoring requirement before progressing to the next level. While the initial levels are easy, the game does offers a balanced increase in difficulty and builds on skills learned in previous levels.


Upgrades can be purchased in between levels for each restaurant that span the spectrum from practical to cosmetic. The fun gameplay is addictive and should provide time management novices and advanced players enough to keep them engaged.


With over a million downloads to date, Cooking Dash offers fast-paced action and innovative gameplay in quick bursts of on-the-go entertainment.
The happier your customers, the higher your score!
Master the art of perfectly prepared meals in each uniquely themed kitchen.
★ LISTEN TO YOUR iPod MUSIC (iOS 3.0 and higher)
Enjoy your favorite songs as you play.
Purchase unique upgrades for each restaurant!
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