Dash! Dash! Pengy

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Dash! Dash! Pengy
Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Dash!
Cost: US$0.99
 4 stars

Dash! Dash! Pengy is a highly addictive game with a funny penguin.  You can control this cute penguin to jump, slide and fly through a variety of obstacles while running at an increasingly fast speed.  The aim of the game is to collect as many fishes as you can along the way to increase your score.

So, let’s dash and get as many fishes as we can!


- addictive and fast-paced game play
- endless game play on never ending snow ground
- cute graphics and smooth animation
- catchy music and sound effects
- submit score to Facebook and Twitter
- challenge friends through e-mail
- various obstacle: snowman, rabbit, igloo, polar bear...etc
- perfect for pick-up 'n play



This is silly cute game that will provide you with hours of fun!


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Dash! Dash! Pengy – Meridian