Silly Weapons

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Silly Weapons
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Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
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Don’t have a weapon to play with?  How about a virtual one?

Silly Weapon provide weapons and depending on how you hold the phone, and what motions you do, it will play the appropriate sound effect.

Silly Weapons is a motion-based app which simulate how you actually use it in real life.  For example: The sword needs to be held with the screen showing and you must make a full motion swing to utilize it. (Similar to how you would hold and swing an actual sword). Weapons included:
1) Desert Eagle Handgun
2) Sword
3) Sexy Whip
4) Guillotine Hat
5) Shoe of Flatulence
6) Fork of Death
7) Fist of Fury
8) Slapped Silly
9) Pull My Finger
10) Crap Your Pants Grenade


For added fun, you can play your own music on your iPhone/iPod Touch while battling.


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