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Compatible: iPhone and iPod Touch
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It will be a surprise nowadays if someone is not doing any messaging on any of their devices.   Be it a notebook, PDA or mobile phones, messaging had become an essential utility to have in communication devices.  Ping! is an another application that is designed to do this job with straight forward easy approach that everyone is familiar with.   One thing that I like about this application is that you do not need to log in and log out like many of the IM systems out there.   It is so intuitive to use that even any preschool children will be able to use it.  

However, something that I do not like is that you need to have a separate Ping! ID apart from those messaging ID that you already have with Twitter, yahoo, MSN or many others.  It works currently with iPhone and iPod Touch only and therefore cross-devices such as messaging from notebook are not possible.  Your friends also need to have the Ping! application installed before able to communicate. 

On the other hand, if you have not communicated much with other devices and would like to make your iPhone the main chatting device, then you should give it a try.   It is only 0.99 anyway and it is easy to use.

About This Application


Ping! is an easy to use messaging application with push notifications which do not requires you to log in and out of any server.   You do not need to pay for your carrier for text messaging which uses a unique Ping! ID to sends  messages for FREE!.   The best part of messaging is that you can chat to friend from another country or far away states without the fear of the phone bills.    You can  start messaging anyone around the whole for FREE once you installed Ping!


If you are using SMS,  you are charged or have to pay for the monthly cost bundled by your carrier.   With Ping! there are no monthly cost..   There are definitely no roaming charges if you message friends from another country.  One good thing about Ping! is that the messaging is delivered instantly and reliably. 


You will be connected to your friends all the time without the need to log in and out. It supports off-line messages so that you can leave messages if your friends are not online at the moment you send them.  Therefore they are not  missing any of your important messages.
You just need your friends’Ping! Id to start messaging immediately and both parties start saving money with your phone bills.
There are additional features such as messaging in portrait or landscape mode and also localization for countries such as German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

To download the Ping! directly, click the button below:

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masa depan Says :
October 16, 2009 at 7:15 AM

nice blog.

i like your blog :)

take care

fazrul arhan Says :
June 6, 2010 at 8:49 PM

What a great features,but sadly only for iphone users :(
Anyway,love your blog and the way you manage your contents,its easy to read and so clear with a beautiful graphic,love it!!

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