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Ocarina - The Magical Flute

Compatible: iPhone and iPod Touch
Price : US$0.99

Could you imagine playing flute with your iPhone or iPod Touch? 

Voted as one of the Top 10 applications in 2008 by Time Magazine and Wired Magazine. It had been highly praised for its innovative usage of iPhone and it is highly addictive to play with it as well. Ocarina makes your iPhone or iPod Touch into a versatile flute which is sensitive to your breath, touch and movements. 

You just need to blow into the micophone to generate musicand hold down the combination of "holes" to change pitch. It can change vibrato rate and depth just by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch. 

You don't even need to have any musical training to play this simple flute. With Ocarina, you can even record and send your songs over email to family and friends. Just simply facinating!

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