Welcome to Silly Phone

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Do you know that most of us only use 10-20% of the features of our iPhone? Do you want to know what are the other ways to utilise your iPhone in a more entertaining and more productive manner? 

I have this iPhone for almost a year and have not much time and interest to learn to use it fully.   It was only 3 months ago that I realise that it was really silly of me not to be using it fully.  So I start playing with the features around and to my amaze, this turn out to be a GREAT TOY and GREAT TOOL!  I have discovered many ways you can use your iPhone to increase your own productivity and how you could also at the same time amuse others and entertain yourself.

Welcome to this most comprehensive guide for FUN and for WORK using your iPhone.

You will discover a lot of silly things and productive things people used their iPhone for.  This will give you an idea of how better utilise your iPhone and really starting to "show off".

Have fun and enjoy!